Why Limited Time Offers Work

Using The Fear of Missing Out to Motivate Your Clients to Buy

The clock is ticking. You have only 10 minutes to choose whether to purchase an item. Or, it’s a Gold Box deal at Amazon, and the product will just be readily available today, or while supplies last.

If you ‘ve ever seen these types of deals online, they are what are termed restricted or limited time offers (LTOs), and they are a psychological prices strategy that works well for a number of factors.

What Is a Limited Time Offer?

An LTO is a deal that is good for just a brief quantity of time, and after that it is gone forever. You can utilize LTO’s in your online service to drive sales, by keeping your customers on their toes. You can even add a countdown clock to your sales pages to reinforce the understanding that time is running out and they don’t want to miss such a lot.

Why do LTOs work so well? Here are a number of reasons.

Deal Searching

Some individuals just can’t resist a deal. Giving them an LTO, particularly if your customer has had their eye on that item, is a win for both of you.


The restricted nature of the deal indicates deficiency. It could be a small number of items offered only for that short time in addition to the tight timeline, so people who do not want to miss out are really require to act quick.


Often you can sweeten the deal with an LTO that has actually never been offered before and will not be provided again. For example, you might develop a bundle of your top products all for one low rate as an LTO.

You may also offer a pre-launch unique for a new product, with the clock ticking down till launch day, when the complete price will go into impact. This is typically a very attractive offer and a reward of sorts for those who are on your e-mail marketing list. It offers them an unique nobody else will get.

Worry or Fear of Missing Out

Among the reasons that an LTO works so well is the fear of losing out. They do not want to have to pay more at a future date. They might even be afraid that they will never see the product, or the price, or the unique deal, ever once again.

Worry of Loss Rather Than the Pleasure of Gain

In regards to what is called psychological prices, studies have actually revealed that consumers are inspired more by a fear of loss, of missing out, than they are by the happiness of gain. EBay’s slogan used to be “Store victoriously,” which referred to the auction aspect of the website and putting in the winning quote in order to protect the item.

However, as eBay began to sell more items at the Buy Now rate than at auction, they needed to drop that slogan. The pleasure of gain and of winning were no longer the crucial encouraging consider shopping there. It was the worry of missing out, especially on minimal quantity items, and losing by a cent or 2 on the auction at the last minute.

If you ‘re not currently using LTOs in your marketing mix, try one and see how you can boost your sales and earnings.


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