The Advantages of Permission Email Marketing

A Bad Email Reputation is like a hangover - hard to get rid of and it makes everything hurt

Email marketing is continuously getting more attention as years pass. Marketing is making a shift towards the Internet and e-mail marketing is one of the significant field of marketing that promoters/marketers are entering.

Operation Recession TakeoverNevertheless, even if e-mail marketing is getting more popular, it is somewhat getting a notorious image due to the fact that of spammers use it too. Spam is a term utilized for unsolicited e-mails which online marketers use to communicate their marketing message. There has been a great deal of movement regarding legislation that has actually occurred in various states against spamming. Because of anti spamming legislation, one can really be taken legal action against if someone considers your email to be spam.

Studies have revealed that around 70% of people who receive spam emails are somewhat annoyed or upset. And to be honest I don’t blame them.  I too hate spam with a passion. I often wonder, after receiving spam emails whether a marketer has broken my trust and sold off my email address to some other marketer.

CB Passive Income EliteThe majority of individuals do not even open emails from suspicious senders or from companies and individuals whom they don’t know. They only open emails from individuals and companies whom they recognize and have affiliations with. This is the problem one faces when using e-mail marketing.  However, e-mail marketing has not at its end yet. There are ways on how to legally and ethically send marketing messages through e-mail. One of the ways is “permission-based” e-mail marketing.

Authorization or permission email marketing, as the name indicates, takes into account the approval of the receiver in accepting emails containing marketing materials. Consent can be expressed or suggested. When people tick a box that states that they would accept to receive e-mail updates and marketing materials regarding a certain product or service, it is generally accepted that permission has been given to the marketer to send updates and information to the person who ticked the box. When they click on the “terms of agreement” of certain websites, it can be assumed that the marketer has been granted permission to send certain e-mail messages.

There are a lot of advantages that consent email marketing offers a promoter/marketer as compared to spamming. Here are some of them:

1) Legality

Spin RewriterAs mentioned above, spamming is thought about as an unlawful activity and some states have actually developed laws and measures to be able to stop spammers. Permission-based e-mail marketing is completely legal and this eliminates the dangers and possible expenses that are connected with being sued.

2) Ethical

Approval e-mail marketing is viewed as an ethical alternative to spamming. Even if one is not sued for spamming, it does not mean that the individual receiving the emails are not inflamed by the unsolicited e-mails. Sending marketing information and products that are permitted by the receiver are thought about as absolutely ethical.

3) Promotes a great image

Business which use spamming activities to be able to market their products are immediately disliked by the individuals who get their e-mails. Permission-based e-mail marketing provides a business and its product a great corporate image and for that reason more valued by the target market.

4) Target audience.

Magic SubmitterApproval or permission e-mail marketing provide valuable resources to the right audience. Spamming tosses all the marketing efforts of the promoter haphazardly in the hope that it will stick and that someone will actually see their message. Individuals who give their consent to get e-mails relating to subjects which appeal to them are individuals who are willing to spend money on products in that field. Therefore, the ideal target audience is reached instead of thoughtlessly spreading out the marketing message.

5) Avoids costs

Permission based email marketing avoids added costs. Aside from carrying resources to reach an ideal audience, consent marketing prevents costs that are associated by being sued by individuals who have actually been very irritated by spam emails. Other sanctions that can be incurred by   spamming includes the loss of the the senders’ ISP.

6) Appreciation

Permission based email marketing is often accepted by individuals with open arms. Spamming is not really accepted by the public and it is best that a marketer does not take part in such an activity.

A study that looked at the results of permission email marketing versus the response that people make from getting unsolicited email found that 48% of people who receive marketing materials with their permission were interested enough to read the e-mails while just 16% were interested to check out unsolicited e-mail. The number of people who deleted the authorized email marketing messages were half of those who erased unsolicited email.

Traffic TravisPermission e-mail marketing provides particular advantages versus spamming. It is a legal and ethical method of marketing through electronic mail and gets acceptance from the target audience.

Permission e-mail marketing, as the name suggests, takes into account the permission of the receiver in accepting emails including marketing products. Aside from getting resources to the right audience, approval marketing avoids expenses associated legal action taken by people who have enough of spam e-mails.

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