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Creating And Distributing eCourses

Why You Should Consider Creating And Distributing eCourses

E-courses are excellent sales tools and a great way to get your knowledge out there. eCourses are a great way to educate your prospects about your products and/or services.

As a product creator, coach or service provider, you have only so many hours in the day to work with your clients, yet there are still hundreds and hundreds of people in the world that could really use the knowledge and expertise you hold about the product or service you provide.

Enter the eCourse.

So what is an eCourse

eCourses are a timed-released format of delivering valuable information to your customer base via email.

Technically, a mini-eCourse consists of a set of emails with good solid content.  In this case  between 5-7 emails are “chained” together to teach your clients or prospects about your products or services.

It is very simple to create your course and either Continue reading