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How to start a business online (Impossible until you fix this)

How to start a business online (Impossible until you fix this)

Hey, thanks for watching this great video on “How to start a business online (Impossible until you fix this)” by Alex Becker. I’ve made a few notes relating to the above video which you’ll find below.

If you want credibility then there are two things that you must get out of your life.

Limiting belief

Get rid of your limiting beliefs

  • Excuses hold you back – they are part of you limiting beliefs


Realize that you don’t have to know anything in order to start

  • Getting experience is not an issue

Understand that you don’t know anything so jump in without judgement and with an open mind

So what’s holding you back?

The essence of being successful is problem solving

And that means solving and confronting problems for your customers

Start by solving your own problems (get rid of your excuses)

The reason a job only pays a limited amount because in a job you do the same thing over and over again

Learn to solve the problems

To succeed you’ve got to be a winner

Don’t beat yourself up

If you need be work harder than other people then do.

Don’t accept being a loser any more

You are unique

To succeed you’ve got to be more right than wrong. Its as simple as that.

Go with the attitude that you are a winner

Take action – solve your own problems and then solve your customer’s problems. Your problems are not unique to you (even if they feel like it)

Outwork your competition

Go out there and be a winner.