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Making eCourses With Articles

eCourse secrets…

Creating eCourses With Articles

In today’s society, the internet is no longer just used for shopping or entertainment; it is also used for learning. Over the past few years, online eCourses have rapidly increased in popularity. What does this mean for you? This means that if are an article writer, you can easily build off of this popularity.

You can do this by making eCourses with your articles.

Before examining how you can go about making eCourses with articles, it is best to quickly familiarize yourself with eCourses, namely what they are. Just as they sound, eCourses are courses that are offered online. These courses, which are often hosted over the internet, enable internet users to get an education or familiarize themselves with something new, often right from the comfort of their own homes.

Although eCourses have similar goals, to educate internet users, those goals are accomplished in different ways. There are some individuals who are considered experts in their field, such as the field from working from home. Many experts create eCourses and distribute them online for other internet users to benefit from. eCourses are also offered by many colleges and universities as a way to get an education from home.

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Now that you know exactly what eCourses are, you can better understand how you make an eCourse. If you have never taken or viewed and eCourse before, you may not realize that they are just collections of information, just like articles. In fact, that is why making your own eCourse may be a lot easier that you had originally anticipated. The way that you can create Continue reading

eBooks are Marketing Powerhouses

Finding Opportunity is a matter of Believing It's There

eBooks as Marketing Powerhouses

Its been a while since I posted something.  Life sometimes gets in the way and that’s the way it is.  You’ve got to be willing to roll with the punches.

In today’s world many of us create, buy and sell digital products.  These range from software, games, audio, videos and eBooks.

The online world that many of us take for granted is relatively new in the scheme of things.

Today, I’m going to focus on eBooks.  I am first going to talk about why I think that eBooks are a marketing powerhouse and I’ll then talk about how to use eBooks for marketing and promotional purposes. Continue reading

How to Produce a High-Converting, Super-Impressive Landing Page

PageDyno - A lead-page creation app that lets anyone quickly and easily create high-converting lead pages in about three minutes

No matter what sort of service you’re running online, you’re going to need landing pages to present lead magnets and similar offers. Many online marketers and other business owner benefit the most when they have several landing pages to attract a wider audience.

Nevertheless, just tossing up a lot of landing pages and sending out traffic to them isn’t going to grow your business successfully. The key to this strategy is to develop compelling, high-converting landing pages. And below you will find out how to do exactly that.

1. Present a Killer Offer

Book Publishing CourseThe primary step in creating a high-converting landing page is to make certain you have a sought-after, high-converting offer on board.

Do not guess what your audience want. Instead, do your market research to learn for what they want.

Surveying your audience, searching for popular articles, and seeing the sorts of subjects that are hot on Continue reading

7 Digital Product Creation Tips for Online Marketers

Digital Product Creation Tips

Anybody who’s been attempting to make money online for more than 2 minutes would have heard this line repeated ad nauseam – “You need to produce your own item or product!!!”.

Maybe 2 minutes is an exaggeration, however you get the idea.

The majority of online marketers worth their salt know that there’s good cash to be made by producing and offering their own digital products. Affiliate marketing is excellent, however owning and selling your own items is even much better.

If you’re qualified at traffic generation, you’ll get to keep 100 percent of the benefit from the sales you create. You can also recruit affiliates to promote your products and expand your market share while increasing your income.

Continue reading