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Basic Steps for Home Business Success

How to Start a Business with No Money

Hey, thanks for watching this great video on “How to Start a Business with No Money” by Trent Dyrsmid from the Online Income Lab. One of the question that is most asked is “how do I become successful in business? and the answer is quite simply you’ve got to be in business to become successful in business. By this I mean that you have to start doing instead of just thinking about it.

Here are some notes I took regarding the above video.

Hey Guys, it’s Trent here and today I want to give you what was given to me in terms of a business advice a number of years ago and I had a profound influence on my life.

However, at the time that I was given the advice I thought it was the dumbest thing I ever heard. I thought wow thanks Dick Tracy, that’s really profound, because I really didn’t get it and years later it made a lot of sense to me and from this piece of advice I created what I call my green dot theory.

So bear with me as I explain this to you because I think it’s going to make a lot of sense and it hopefully it’s going to fire you up. When you first come up with your idea, maybe it’s for an authority site or any kind of business you’re thinking of, you’re thinking to yourself – hey I’m going to go out there and you write this business plan or Continue reading