How to Create an Information Product Quickly and Easily

How to create your very first information product quickly while still keeping a high perceived value

So the question is “how do you can create your very first information product quickly while still keeping the high perceived value for the people who buy it?”

We suggest that first type of product you create is a seven dollar mind map. This means that the price people pay for it is seven dollars and format of the product is mind map.

This mind map is not just an image that someone can look at. It’s got to be a well-structured mind map with a lot of information on it. Upon completing the mind map you then create an audio book about the mind map. The length of the audio book is about two hours to three hours.

The format for the audio book is up to you to choose and based on five or six of the most relevant issues from your mind map that you know people would want to know more about.

Accredited Diploma Internet MarketingFirst start with an introduction and then cover each of the module in detail.

What you’re not trying to do, is to go to deep into every single topic. What you want to do is to try to give the audience a kind of roadmap, a general understanding of what’s involved.

The reason why you want to do this, in this particular way, as opposed to an e-book, a video series or a PowerPoint presentation is that you’re just starting out. It’s your very first product and it’s important to get small amounts of success right off the bat.

To this end it’s very important to create your very first product very quickly rather than dilly-dallying around and procrastinating forever or being a perfectionist trying to create something of a very high quality.

It’s better to just get something out than try to create something that’s really amazing on your very first try.

Resell Rights WeeklyThe second reason is since you’re just starting out there’s no reason why your copywriting and your sales letters skills would be particularly high. Therefore, when you go to sell your first information products it’s going to be much easier for you to sell a $7.00 product than a $27.00 product, a $47.00 product or even a $97.00 product.

This is especially true if you have no copywriting experience or sales letter experience. It’s just a reality that it’s just easier to get people to part with $7 than say $27, $47 or £97.

It’s better to get smaller successes and get some momentum. Proving to yourself that you can do a $7.00 product.

The third reason is what you do with a $7.00 mind map. You give someone a whole map of what’s the territory of the niche, such as your goals, your desires and what’s involved; the whole picture of what’s involved to actually get there.

Subsequently, when you choose those six modules and you go for a breath rather than depth approach, you explain what’s needed to understand the map of what is needed to be successful.

PageDynoConsequently once a person has subscribed to your email list by having bought your $7:00 product, they’ve bought into you. You now you have a clear back end product to create because you’ve talked about the five or six modules that your customers know they need to get to the next step in order to enhance their potential success in that niche.

You can now go ahead and create products that go deeper into those specific area, for example if you were creating information products, people will want to know how to create really good products, how to market their products through their websites, how to get traffic to their website, how to create sales letters, follow up email marketing, copywriting, a successful back end and a good high converting funnel.

And don’t think that because you know how to do something others know how to do them as well.

That’s a good amount to get someone started. However, most people who buy your initial product are going to want to go deeper and many who buy your back end product will want to go deeper into the specifics. Consequently, you’re going to have that information ready for them and that content is going to be a more premium product.

Now we get to video series, PowerPoint presentations or even live demonstrations of how to do these things and these commands a higher price.

Thus by creating that $7.00 mind map you’re leaving room to create a profitable back end.


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