Creating And Distributing eCourses

How to make money online by giving away free contentWhy You Should Consider Creating And Distributing eCourses

E-courses are excellent sales tools and a great way to get your knowledge out there. eCourses are a great way to educate your prospects about your products and/or services.

As a product creator, coach or service provider, you have only so many hours in the day to work with your clients, yet there are still hundreds and hundreds of people in the world that could really use the knowledge and expertise you hold about the product or service you provide.

Enter the eCourse.

So what is an eCourse

eCourses are a timed-released format of delivering valuable information to your customer base via email.

Technically, a mini-eCourse consists of a set of emails with good solid content.  In this case  between 5-7 emails are “chained” together to teach your clients or prospects about your products or services.

It is very simple to create your course and either sell, or give it away as a “give-before-you-get” sales technique i.e. pre-selling your product.

I once bought an eCourse that consisted of 30 emails and receiving an email daily for the whole month.

It is always a good idea to tell your subscribers (those who signed up for the eCourse) what to expect and when to expect the emails by providing them with a timeline.

If your course is designed to be a freebie, you’ll want to give a portion of good information; but don’t tell them everything or they’ll have no reason to make a purchase.  Provide them with 40% information and 60% motivation.  Sell the sizzle not the steak.

If you are selling your course, make sure to jam pack it with everything you know, that way your customer will feel like they are getting a lot for their money (depending on how much you really know.)

E-courses are simple to create because there is no need for fancy formatting, heading tags or conversions. E-courses are made in the same way as e-zines; by simply using plain text.

eCourse Creation Checklist

Here’s a quick check list for creating your course:

  • Pick your topic of expertise.
  • Divide your material into specific sections. These topics will be your lessons. I advise starting out with a day-by-day course rather than splitting your material into weeks.
  • Write an introduction to the course and a list describing upcoming lessons.
  • If this is a free course: make sure to weave subtle hints throughout about all of the information that they are not receiving to give them incentive to purchase something (anything!)
  • Once you have written your course, set up an account with a sequential auto-responder company such as GetResponse or Aweber.   Every company will have different instructions for set up, but basically you will be cutting and pasting and they will deliver the e-mails/lessons at the appropriate time.
  • Promote and advertise your course on your website, and send out a notice to your distribution list: let people know about it any way you can.

Why not demonstrate to the world what a phenomenal product or service provider you are and start drafting your first eCourse today!


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