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How To Create A Quality Info Product In One Day!

Content Marketing Is A Commitment, Not A Campaign

A quick cheat to creating useful, enjoyable and inspired content easily

Are you looking to create a hot selling info product? What if I told you that you could do it in one day? And you only have to write five paragraphs! Anyone on the planet can do this. So without further ado let’s get started.

Now what we’re going to do is use other people’s hard work to create our very own unique products. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? However this is a very real opportunity that the top gun eBook publishers use time and time again to create products in lightning quick time.

Go to

In a previous article we looked at how to find ideas for a niche eBook in article directories. Well today we’re going to use the content in them to create eBooks.

You see web site owners write articles and submit them to article directories so that they get free publicity for their sites. At the end of each article is a link back to their web site with a bit of information about their site for example. These site owners want people to take that article and market it to people so they get visitors to their site without spending a dime on marketing. This is perfect for savvy entrepreneurs who are willing to spend a few hours of their time in order to profit for many years to come.

What we can do at is type in a niche in the search bar at the top right (make sure it’s on “article content” rather than search by author). Type in your niche market. So for example type in “dogs”. You’ll get thousands of results related to what you have searched for. Now what I want you to do is simply go through the results finding at least seventy quality articles related to the dogs market and copy and paste them into word or some kind of word processing application.

As I’ve said make sure they are quality articles. If you create an eBook using rubbish you’ll just get a sky high refund rate and it will all be a pointless exercise. Do it right from the off and you’ll set yourself up for success.

If you can, try and tie all the articles together in one sub niche. For example a sub niche of dogs might be training your dog. So you could find articles on stopping your dog from barking at night, toilet training that kind of thing. Use a bit of imagination when using this method.

Email The Article Authors

You don’t want to use any articles without the authors permission. Remember the majority of articles will have been submitted so the author can get visitors to their site without spending a dime. However, you never want to breach any copyright laws. To avoid this email the authors of each article. Explain to them that you are creating an eBook aimed at their niche market. You’d love to include their article in your book and you’ll include a link back to their site and information about them. Also ask them if they have any other articles you could include.

I would expect about 70 percent of authors you contact will be over the moon to approve the use of their articles in your book. After all it will give them increased exposure and potential sales. You then need to discard the articles from authors who haven’t replied or who have declined the use of their articles in your eBook.

I must admit that I still prefer writing my own articles etc.  I prefer using my voice in my products.  I do sometimes use what I call ‘seed articles’ that I have purchased.  These are Private Label Rights (PLR) articles that allow me to use them as I wish. 

One of my source for PLR’s is Resell Rights Weekly which apart from providing various resell rights products also has PLR articles, eBooks and courses.  If you are going to use PLR products to create your own product I would suggest that you check its quality and rewrite/add to it to make it your own.  Another place I use as a source for my seed articles etc. is SurefireWealth.

Resell Rights WeeklyAnyhow, I digress.

Put the remaining articles in an order that makes sense and create a contents page. Use the titles of the articles as contents topics. You could even create chapters aimed at solving certain problems people in your niche have. So for example if you were creating an eBook on golf you could create a section on improving your golf swing, a section on the mind game of golf and so on. All articles would make up separate chapters.

Now if you remember at the beginning I mentioned writing five paragraphs. Well this is it. Write a short introduction and conclusion. These only need to be a few paragraphs telling people what they can expect to learn in the introduction and a summary of what they have learnt in the conclusion. And make sure that you sign off with your name! This will instantly establish you as an expert in the field.

Another tip is to link to your back end products at the end of the book or add a link to your sign up page in order to increase your sales.

Finally you need to turn your Word or LibreOffice Writer document i.e. your source document, into a PDF (Portable Document Format)  to be able to sell it as an eBook.

Nowadays, both Word or LibreOffice Writer can turn your source document directly into a PDF.

For those who don’t have that facility you can go to a PDF converter such as PrimoPDF ( and download the software. Don’t worry it won’t cost you a dime. Once downloaded all you need to do is in your word software hit “file“ and then “print” and then select “primo PDF” as your printer. And voila. You’ve just created an eBook using other people’s hard work.

This whole process can be done in just a few hours. Obviously you may need to wait a day or two for the article authors to get back to you but apart from that you’re all set! Anyone can use this method to create more eBooks than you’d ever be able to sell.

Didn’t I tell you that anyone could do this? Just think, you can create a product without spending a single cent yet you could sell hundreds or even thousands of copies and you get to keep ALL the profits. And all from other people’s hard work! What a great method, right?

Begin today and begin earning money online.

To your future success,



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How to Write an eBook

He who allows himself to be halted by the first difficulty in his path does not go far in lifeThe hardest part of writing an eBook is the very first sentence.

When you look at the entire project, it looks like an impossible job. That’s why you have to simplify the process into manageable tasks. Think of it like climbing a mountain. When you are standing at the foot of it and looking up at its summit disappearing into the clouds doubts creep in and you think to yourself ‘How can I possibly scale such an immense and unsafe mountain?’

There is only one way to climb up the mountain? step by step; a step at a time.

Now consider writing your eBook in the very same light. You can only produce it step by step, until finally, you write the last sentence  and you are done- You now find yourself standing on the summit with your head in the clouds.

The first thing you have to do, as if you really were a mountain climber, is to get organized. Instead of climbing equipment, you need to organize your thoughts.

There are a series of steps that you should take before you start. Once as you’ve Continue reading

eBooks are Marketing Powerhouses

Finding Opportunity is a matter of Believing It's There

Its been a while since I posted something.  Life sometimes gets in the way and that’s the way it is.  You’ve got to be willing to roll with the punches.

In today’s world many of us create, buy and sell digital products.  These range from software, games, audio, videos and eBooks.

The online world that many of us take for granted is relatively new in the scheme of things.

Today, I’m going to focus on eBooks.  I am first going to talk about why I think that eBooks are a marketing powerhouse and I’ll then talk about how to use eBooks for marketing and promotional purposes. Continue reading

7 Digital Product Creation Tips for Online Marketers

Anybody who’s been attempting to make money online for more than 2 minutes would have heard this line repeated ad nauseam – “You need to produce your own item or product!!!”.

Maybe 2 minutes is an exaggeration, however you get the idea.

The majority of online marketers worth their salt know that there’s good cash to be made by producing and offering their own digital products. Affiliate marketing is excellent, however owning and selling your own items is even much better.

The Rodgers Report

A very cool *secret* resource where a top online marketer shares strategies, models and case studies that WORK.

If you’re qualified at traffic generation, you’ll get to keep 100 percent of the benefit from the sales you create. You can also recruit affiliates to promote your products and expand your market share while increasing your income.

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How To Make a Living From the Internet

How would you like to make a living from the internet and produce passive income streams you can be proud of and that can free you from your job (Just over Broke) while fueling your Internet way of life for many years to come.

Are you all work and no play

The internet can allow you to create a consistent regular monthly income regardless of what happens in your life, work, or organization.

Envision getting a constant month-to-month income from the Web that supplies you with real financial freedom giving you the flexibility that allows you to have genuine choices in life.

You have complete control of your schedule. Work when you desire on jobs you delight in that make a distinction in lives of others.

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Discover What Internet Business is Right For You

And what your next step should be!

We are going to provide you with some ideas that could help you discover what Internet business is right for you and what your next step should be.

We are going to provide you with some ideas that could help you discover what Internet business is right for you and what your next step should be.

In today’s tech-driven society, there’s no reason you can not start a rewarding organization from the comfort of your living-room. There’s no scarcity of advantages of remote working: full time parents can select flexible hrs; devoted visitors can take their work on the go. Running an on-line company yourself calls for all the effort of setting up a physical business, but once set up, offers adequate freedom.

In regards to business itself, choosing a digital service suggestion supplies several benefits. Releasing a business from your very own residence removes the substantial overheads associated with purchasing a brick-and-mortar workplace and also physical supplies Very little capital investment implies much less threat, enabling you to spend even more money on advertising to expand your client base. Operating online additionally throws your organization open to clients from all corners of the globe, giving you extent for significant growth.

The only barrier to beginning an online money-maker is finding the best suggestion. We have actually compiled a checklist of over 100 online business ideas fit for all type of skill sets that you can get up and running straight away. Whether you’re trying to find something to generate a passive income on the side or

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Product Creation: How to Write Your eBook or Book SUPER Fast!

Hey, thanks for watching this great video on “How to Write Your eBook or Book SUPER Fast!” by Sasha Evdakov. The goal of the above video is to explain to you eBooks are not dead, they’re actually bigger business than ever. The e-book business has changed and distribution has changed but eBooks are alive, well and kicking major.

Below I’ve also included an article that may inspire you to take action in creating your first eBook to either sell or to giveaway as a lead magnet.

Product Creation: How to Write Your eBook or Book SUPER Fast!

We are going to take a look at how to write your book super fast. You’ve probably seen a lot of videos or articles on how to write your book in just 10 days, how to write your book in less than 30 days or how to write your book in 24 hours. First we need to define what the term means.

It’s about taking that idea in your mind, whatever is in your head, and putting it down in a digital format that can be used and spread around. We’re talking about the writing process, getting what’s in your mind down on paper.

So how do we go from what’s in our mind to putting something down on paper as quickly as possible. The problem here is what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.

However, what we are about to share may give you some ideas, tips and insight to figure out what’s really working and how to speed up that process especially Continue reading

Product Creation: Convert Productive Articles to Profitable eBooks

Hey, thanks for watching this great video on “How to write, publish, & sell your own Profitable eBook” by Kamzou H.L. The goal of the above video is to explain to you eBooks are not dead, they’re actually bigger business than ever. The e-book business has changed and distribution has changed but eBooks are alive, well and kicking major.

Below I’ve included an article that may inspire you to take action in creating your first eBook to either sell or to giveaway as a lead magnet.

Product Creation: Convert Productive Articles to Profitable eBooks

Free report - The 5-step formula to earning $10,000/month online

If You’ve taken the time and effort to create content for your blog or website, why not use the work you’ve already done and create a new product that can improve both your productivity and your profits. eBooks are easy to produce, require little in terms of investment and generate profit margins of 50-95%.

This is even more so, since you already have a content source – your articles.

eBooks are electronically downloaded via a web site or as an attachment to emails. The recipients have the option of reading your eBook on their computer monitors or printing them in hard copy.

Consider your area of expertise and/or passion. This is the theme of your material that you are going to incorporate into your eBook. These are the people to whom you are going to market your newly created eBook.

You will further organize your articles to address various aspects of the topic you have chosen.

And consider your audience:

  • What are their problems that you can help them with?
  • Are these people beginners, experienced or masters of the chosen topic?
  • Where do these people “hang out”?
  • What organizations do they belong to?
  • Are they the same organizations you belong to?
  • What magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and periodicals do they read?
  • What conferences do they attend?
  • What professional organizations do they belong to? Get inside their heads.

Consider the fact that some Continue reading