Why We Don’t Always Buy the Most Inexpensive Item

The Reason Why We Don’t always Buy the Cheapest Item

Unless you are Ebenezer Scrooge prior to his Christmas improvement, possibilities are you don’t always buy the most inexpensive item. There are a number of factors for this that are essential to consider when producing marketing product for your target market.

The Psychology of Shopping

In some cases, purchasing the cheaper product makes more sense if it is a quality item on sale and/or you have a coupon. But in other cases, rate and the understanding of value are not the same thing. There are different things which affect this perception.

Emotional Shopping

Feelings enter into acquiring decisions a lot more than a lot of marketers may believe. Studies have actually shown that customers buy based upon emotion and then try to validate their choice with logic, not the other way around. This can really lead people to spend more than they can pay for.

These feelings can cause some individuals to purchase things they truly do not require due to the fact that they want to “keep up with the Jones’s”.

Choice Assistance

The emotions that caused a person to purchase in the first place can keep them returning for more, a phenomenon called option support. It sets off individuals to end up being repeat consumers, because when they have bought from you, they will continue to do so to “prove” they made the ideal option in the first place.


Branding is a shortcut for shoppers. Coke versus Pepsi, Wendy’s versus McDonald’s … all of us have specific tastes and preferences and buying by brand guarantees we get what we desire.

It can also be related to quality, such as a designer gown or shoes. Believe Timex versus Rolex and you will comprehend that some individuals buy high-end brand names because of the name, quality and eminence of owning them.

Brand Loyalty

Choice assistance is among the reasons for brand commitment. It is not just about the name on the label. It is also an “easy button” that informs hectic individuals they will get their money’s worth and/or get what they will like and need by doing business with that brand.

Rate versus Worth

An expensive cars and truck like a Lexus is valued because of the brand name, the “wow” element and the envy element. An individual who owns one will feel happy with the purchase and more than happy to show it off. They will likewise aspire to hang it in front of other individuals to excite their envy. If we think of it, Nissan, Toyota and Lexus are all made by the exact same company. However it is the perception of value that drives Lexus sales.

Ethical Factors to consider

Ethical considerations – that is, beliefs and worths in the minds of the customers, and in relation to the company as a whole – also drive sales. People are willing to pay more for organic food, for instance, or products they feel are healthier or more ethically produced, such as grass-fed beef with no antibiotics, or non-GMO foods.

People purchase “green cleaners” at a greater rate than popular commercial brands since the understanding is they are healthier and the person is doing their part to assist the environment. Some individuals will buy only items with a Made in the USA label. Or they pay more for a hybrid variation of the same car in order to support their personal worth’s.

Comprehending the psychology of shopping and utilizing it to craft your deals can assist you increase your sales and earnings.


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