Mistakes to Avoid When You Market Through Storytelling


Storytelling is an old idea.  It has been with us since time immemorial.  However, the idea is relatively new in marketing. This can be attributable to the fact that online marketers did not see it in a measurable value.

However, the growth of the internet has actually altered whatever – it has become easy for your target audience to follow up any story that you share, and there is not a need to for online marketers to tell a whole story in one go.  If it is engaging enough you can tell your story over a few installments.

In spite of this, people have actually mastered the art of disregarding anything that does not thrill them. As such, you as a marketer need to avoid making specific mistakes that may waste your marketing effort if you want to market your offer or services through storytelling.

This article highlights a few of the common errors that you need to know when adopting storytelling as a marketing method.

1. Excessive Concentration On The Features

Operation Recession TakeoverAn excellent brand story does not concentrate on the bells and whistles connected to the features of an offer.

The best brand name stories are based upon benefits, interests, worth’s, desires, and the needs of the consumer, which boost their life in some way.

For instance App.net states the following “We approach every project with a desire to solve problems and create awesome experiences rather than just use technology for the sake of it.”  This highlights providing clients with a solution to a problem they are experiencing through the creation of an app for a variety of functions.

For that reason, don’t focus excessive on your brand’s features and what it can do, instead share a story that is relatable to your target market.

2. Storytelling That Does Not Interest Your Consumers

Have you ever told a child a bedtime story then over all of a sudden he abruptly jumped in to change the direction of the story? The same thing can occurs between businesses and their customers.

Your target audience has a story that they would like to hear. The implication of this is that if you change the narrative of the story; you are likely to experience reduced engagement and low or no action to the call to action.

Don’t try to tell your visitors or customers a story that they do not connect with or have no interest in; it simply will not work.

3. Telling A Story That Does Not Stimulate Emotions

Magic SubmitterHow psychologically your story is, identifies its possibility of going viral.

You really want to include various psychological triggers in your narrative.  Pepper your story with emotional triggers that induce such emotions as anger, excitement, happiness, or unhappiness.

The more you can trigger your audience the greater chance that they will share your content.

The best story should to be a lot more than just an explanation of the nuts and bolts of what you have on offer, it should stimulate the feelings that aligns them with your current offer and the message you are giving them.

4. Letting Truths Destroy A Good Story

While not letting the truth get in the way of a good story may sounds controversial at face value, we are not implying that you should blatantly lie when telling your story.  In fact, some of the best lies are based upon truths. What you need to do is select the details go into your story along with how best to present them.

For instance, sharing a news release on Saturday because you just hit a million users may not draw the attention you need so wouldn’t it be much better if you did it on Monday and let the excitement flow throughout the whole week?

5. Disparity

Traffic TravisMost start-ups and even huge corporations make the mistake of disparity. Do not promise anything in a story if you are sure that you will not honor it. It is best to stop the whole idea of storytelling if what you assert in a story is totally different from what you are doing. Your words and actions need to align in your the designated message.

Having a clear concept about your brand’s story makes your marketing simpler and achievable. Any company focusing on leveraging brand storytelling must prepare to overcome the above mentioned mistakes.

Storytelling in advertising has gone a long way in advertising – just think of the various stores using storytelling to sell their goods especially over the Christmas period.

Do you have a start-up story to share?

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