3 Marketing Misconceptions that are Stopping you Be Successful!

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There are Three marketing misconceptions can cause you to lose sales especially if you base your marketing choices on them.

Below we give  you some marketing ideas to blast pass each myth and enhance your sales.

Misconception 1: People purchase a product at the most affordable price they can discover.

That is not true – if it was then businesses like Rolex and would not exist – Timex would have put them out of business a long time ago.

Despite the ease of carrying out a web search the majority of buyers are typically lazy and do not carry out a complete search on what they want to buy. Granted when you carry out a search in Google you are bombarded by sponsored adds and the search results appear less and less relevant.

Even on eBay where it is far much easier to check the relative costs of an item more often than not people will buy an item at a greater price than they could of.

So the question is “what causes people to buy?”

More often than not it would be ‘buying triggers’ – the most common of them are:

  • Self-confidence in the seller
  • A high viewed worth
  • Suggestions
  • Relieve of purchase

Blasting Misconception 1:

Develop your expertise  – for example we have over 20 years of business consultancy experience – so we know what works and what does not operate in a company.

Find methods of enhancing the perceived value of your product and services by adding bonuses or clearly demonstrating the worth of it’s purchase.

Ensure that you provide of some real examples within your sales letter.

Make it easy to for the buyer to purchase and get your item by making the buying process as easy as possible and not providing any barriers to buy by providing too much choice or having a odd or complicated payment system.

Myth 2: Offering your customers various choices will increase your sales

WordPress for BeginnersWhen challenged by a multitude of choices, most buyers have a difficulty in deciding what to buy. They frequently react by hesitating – and going to a seller who offers a clearer choice. Now by this we are not saying that you shouldn’t include extras or up-sales.

let’s face it, we all love having choices, but when we are actually faced with having to choose from among countless options, the whole process goes south. For most people having an infinite number of choices is paralyzing and exhausting.

As they say ‘Less is more’

Clearly describe what is included in the product and do not provide countless options or configuration that turn the buying process into a puzzle thereby making your selling and processing more difficult.

The human mind works much better when provided the two alternatives “purchase” and “don’t buy”.

Blasting Misconception 2:

WordPress Advanced CourseJust deal one product or product package per page. You can have a clear (and brief) menu on each page to motivate several purchases.

If you have more than one alternative for a product and services – then give them various names and present them each separately.  For example you can call them “silver service”, “gold service”, “opal service” and so on. This is what many marketers do with their different marketing services and it works rather well.

You need to always target at a little, easily understood product and services variety. You need to be able to explain each of your products in a couple of sentences. If you can’t do this – how do you anticipate your potential buyers to understand what you are trying to sell to them?

Myth 3: Everyone Needs My Products And Services

Affiliate MarketingUnfortunately for you as a marketer, most people don’t believe that they do need a particular service or product. Clearly with a product such as Iphones – your teenager may try and tell you that they actually, really, truly need one.  However, this is all due to peer pressure that has been built up with millions of dollars worth of advertising. A considerable amount of this advertising was spent on research into what their market wanted – and they got it right!

If you think that this myth is true then you probably also think that you can be successful without doing much marketing or selling.

Unfortunately, despite what some online marketers may tell you – it does not happen that way. While there some very successful marketers around, they will all confess that a good deal of market research, testing and evaluating of their products happened before they became successful.

Developing a successful business is effort.  It requires work.  A big part of it is dedicated to finding potential customers and matching them with your products or services. Even if most people can use your service or product, you still need a marketing method to reach them and a persuasive sales message to close the sales.

Blasting Misconception 3:

Book Publishing CourseDo your homework.  Try to find where the majority of your potential buyers located, what their specific needs and desires are and what solutions they are looking for.

Look for a narrowly specified niche market where your product or service will solve an unique need of the customers.

Design your service or product to fulfill those needs.  Provide the solutions they are looking for and more.   Create a new slant on an old problem

Test, Change, Test, Refine, Test and get consumer feedback.

I’ll leave you with the following thought:

Why recreate or reinvent the wheel when you can reverse engineer someone else’s product?

Hopefully the above will have helped you .


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